How to improve your window system performance in just 5 steps

System slowness is a common issue in Windows computers, most of the time system stuck and hanged, we can’t do anything.

Here we tried some steps that will help to improve the system speed and performance.

Step1: Remove temporary files from computers.

           Goto Run and type %temp% Then Enter

Select all files and folders and delete permanently, there are some files will not delete skip them. 
The temporary files also consumed the system RAM  (Random Access Memory ) and the system performance fully depended on RAM size, so free the temp files always from the computer.

Some other temporary fils locating in C:\Windows\Temp 
Select all and delete them.
One more folder you can empty C:\Windows\Prefetch , select all and delete.
Step2: Run Disk Cleanup utilities.Goto Search and open Disk Cleanup and select all checkbox, Ok and delete all files.

Step3: Uninstall pirated and unusable software.Go to Control Panel and program and find out the unusable or pirated software and uninstall it, which is also responsible for the system slowness issue. 

Step4: Windows update. 
Go to Settings and check the Windows update, if there is any update pending or found some issues, select this message to fix and finish updating, make sure Windows always should up to date.

Steps5: Disable Windows services.

Goto Run and type “Services.msc” and Enter, here you can start or stop Windows Update, Windows Search, and other Services. We can stop and disable the Windows update services if we don’t want to update the system.

Follow the above steps and feel that the system is performing better than before.
Good Luck

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